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Matsuri (Festivals)in Iizaka

Japanese Matsuri (festivals) for local people are intended to offer prayers to Shinto and Buddhist deities, to give thanks to nature and provide enjoyment.

Iizaka Kenka Matsuri

The Autumn Festival of Iizaka Hachiman Shrine. Katsugi yatai (large floats) fiercely crash into each other. The sight of swaying lantern lights shining in the dark evening sky, while the roaring sound of taiko drums (Japanese percussion instrument) shake the ground, is an extraordinary scene. It is one of the three famous Kenka Matsuri (Fighting Festivals) in Japan.


Yuno Inari Shrine Festival

The festival of Yuno Inari Shrine to give thanks for the harvest. The grounds of the shrine fill with excitement as a number of katsugi yatai (large floats) with taiko drummers fiercely clash into each other.

Iizaka Kouta Nagashi Odori Festival

A part of the Iizaka Onsen Fire Festival. People dancing traditional Japanese dances, accompanying a parade with original Japanese music through the town.


Hanamomo-no-Sato Matsuri

The annual festival is held at Hanamomo-no-Sato when 300 Hana peach (hanamomo) trees, collected from all over the world, are in full bloom.

Taiko Matsuri

Taiko groups from all over Japan gather and show their competitive performances. One of the best events to see the taiko drum, a traditional Japanese musical instrument.