A real onsen journey, touring the hot waters of genuine hot springs, direct from the source

Strolling through the town in yukata

Iizaka Onsen has a rich history, so why not stroll around the town in yukata, immersing yourself in the Japanese spirit. You will experience Iizaka Onsen more deeply and intimately if you visit traditional buildings and shrines from the Edo period in a relaxing yukata.

Let’s go out in yukata !

Kyu Horikiri-tei(Old Horikiri Residence) b-2

The residence of a wealthy farmer and merchant named Horikiri, who resided in the area since the 17th century.
The residence has been renovated as a sightseeing spot in recent years, with the main house and warehouse built from the 18th to 19th centuries, and original trees still remaining in the garden. The well and farmers’ rest house show us the original way of life back then. Both a footbath and hand bath are available on the premises.

Sabako Shrine b-3

The shrine (a Shinto religious facility) with a monument inscribed with “The birthplace of Iizaka Onsen”, located next to the public bath, Sabako-Yu. Enshrined here is the Yakushi Nyorai statue, which is believed to heal what ails you if you pray, and pour hot water over the body part you wish to be healed.

Atago Shrine d-2

The shrine (a Shinto religious facility) located on the top of Atago Mountain. A panoramic view of Iizaka Onsen town can be seen from the end of its steep stone steps. Thousands of azaleas are planted around the shrine, and are in full bloom in May.

Recommended! Iizaka Onsen Master Course – Town Tour-

Estimated duration – about 3 hours

This is a walking course full of attractions, which will enable you to experience Iizaka Onsen’s unique history, culture, local food and public baths. Enjoy the onsen atmosphere by taking the tour in yukata! Take photos to remember the trip when you find your favorite spots!