A real onsen journey, touring the hot waters of genuine hot springs, direct from the source


Welcome to Iizaka Onsen !

Iizaka Onsen is a good old onsen town, where you can stroll around the town in yukata (light cotton kimono), and enjoy steaming hot spring water direct from the source, at a “ryokan” (traditional Japanese-style inn), and in 9 public baths right in the center of town.
Iiizaka Onsen is an atmospheric good, old onsen town believed to have been discovered about 2,000 years ago, and is a place where you can enjoy a traditional Japanese onsen atmosphere. A number of ryokan of various sizes are lined up along Surikamigawa River, and running off it, Akagawa River, in the center of the town.
Iizaka Onsen’s special characteristic is that it’s a rich source of hot water, and authentic hot spring water, direct from the source. The temperature of the hot springs is slightly higher than normal at around 42°C (107.6°F), however, the quality of the water is excellent with little strain put on the skin, which leaves your skin moist and smooth after bathing.
There are 9 public baths and 3 footbaths (ashi-yu) in the Iizaka Onsen area, and with easy access from Tokyo, anyone can easily enjoy the onsen.
One of the other attractions of Iizaka Onsen is that the surrounding area offers various other attractions such as historic buildings, Japanese restaurants, fruit picking in orchards and the splendor of nature.
Please enjoy Iizaka Onsen where you can experience Japanese onsen, history and culture, nature and food altogether in one place.

Public Baths and Footbaths

Experience genuine hot spring water direct from the source.

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Stroll around a good old onsen town,rich in history and culture, in yukata.

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Onsen Ryokan

Hospitality unique to Iizaka Onsen at a traditional onsen ryokan

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Picking Fruit

Plenty of fruit such as cherries, peaches and grapes can be picked by visitors.

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Japanese cuisine, Iizaka noodles, Round Dumplings and many Izakayas (Japanese-style bars) can be enjoyed in the area.

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Lively seasonal-festivals are held throughout the year.

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Iizaka Onsen Sightseeing Map

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To Enjoy Your Trip

Earthquake Safety Tips

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Easy Access to Iizaka Onsen!

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at IizakaOnsen Station

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