A real onsen journey, touring the hot waters of genuine hot springs, direct from the source

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Iizaka Onsen is conveniently located with the onsen quarter right near the train station, just 20 minutes by train from Fukushima Station. The area around the station is easy to stroll through, as it is clustered with onsen and sightseeing spots. You can also enjoy our rich nature and fruit picking by travelling a little further by car or bicycle.

Easy Access to Iizaka Onsen!


To Enjoy Your Trip / Earthquake Safety Tips

What is an earthquake?

An earthquake is tremors created by movements in the crust that covers the earth’s surface.
A large-scale earthquake can cause furniture to fall over, break windows and walls, and destroy buildings that have a low quake resistance.

What to do when an earthquake occurs

1 When an earthquake occurs Protect yourself

If you are indoors, crawl under a table or other sturdy item until the shaking stops. Do not run outside in panic. If you are outdoors, move away from buildings, walls, electric poles and other structures that may fall over, and find a safe place to protect yourself.

2 Evacuation Go to an evacuation shelter/area or other safe place

When the shaking stops, stay calm and move to an evacuation shelter/area or other safe place. Do not use an elevator. Do not forget to bring your passport and alien registration card.

3 Evacuation area/ shelter Temporary staying place with emergency foods, blankets and toilet facilities

An evacuation area is a place (such as school ground or open place) to gather for people who are temporary evacuating from a disaster site. An evacuation shelter is a place where people can temporary stay and sleep (such as public facility). You can receive emergency foods, blankets and other basic items, and use toilet facilities. For the location of evacuation areas/ shelters, please see the map on page 18.

Place to contact in an emergency

To obtain information in your language and telephone interpretation service
Fukushima International Association
財団法人 福島県国際交流協会
TEL: 024-524-1316
URL: http://www.worldvillage.org/
Embassies and Consulates in Japan
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Japan
TEL: 03-3452-7611~9
Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan
TEL: 03-3280-7811
Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan
TEL: 03-3403-3388
Royal Thai Embassy, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5789-2433
Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Japan
TEL: 03-3586-9111/03-3586-9112
Australian Embassy, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5232-4111
Embassy of the United States Tokyo, Japan
TEL: 03-3224-5000
Embassy of Canada in Japan
TEL: 03-5412-6200
Her Britannic Majesty’s Embassy in Japan
TEL: 03-5211-1100
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Japan
TEL: 03-5791-7700
Embassy of France in Japan
TEL: 03-5798-6000
Embassy of Malaysia in Tokyo
TEL: 03-3476-3840
Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo
TEL: 03-3441-4201
Disaster information for travelers – Safety tips for travelers –

This website of the Japan National Tourist Organization provides foreign travelers with the necessary information in multiple foreign languages when a disaster occurs. You can obtain disaster and transportation information, a contact list of embassies and more.


What to do if you are injured / ill or you are in an accident or incident

Evacuation area/shelter map

Evacuation area :
You can temporary evacuate from a disaster site (e.g., school ground or open space).

Evacuation shelter :
You can receive emergency foods, blankets and other basic items, and use toilet facilities. You can temporary sleep and lodge there (e.g., public facility).

Ryokan (Japanese-style hotels) and Western hotels that provide services in foreign languages (see pages 14 and 15)
Public Restroom

Main Disaster-Ready Hospitals in Fukushima City
Fukushima Medical University Hospital
TEL. 024-547-1111 Address: 1 Hikarigaoka, Fukushima-shi
About 19 km from Iizaka Onsen Station About 38 min.
About 10 km from JR Fukushima Station About 20 min.
Fukushima Red Cross Hospital
TEL. 024-534-6101 Address: 11-31 Irie-cho, Fukushima-shi
About 10 km from Iizaka Onsen Station About 23 min.
About 3.5 km from JR Fukushima Station About 7 min.
Saiseikai Fukushima General Hospital
TEL. 024-544-5171 Address: 25 Shimoharada Omori, Fukushima-shi
About 18 km from Iizaka Onsen Station About 27 min.
About 7 km from JR Fukushima Station About 15 min.
Ohara General Hospital
TEL. 024-526-0300 Address: 6-11 Omachi, Fukushima-shi
About 10 km from Iizaka Onsen Station About 23 min.
About 1 km from JR Fukushima Station About 3 min. 13 min.

Communication cards

When an earthquake occurs地震発生時
  • ここは、どこですか。

    What is the name of this place?

  • これは地震ですか?

    Is this an earthquake?

  • けがをしています。

    I am injured.

  • けが人がいます。

    There is an injured person.

  • 体の調子が悪いです。

    I am not feeling well.

  • 病院はどこですか?

    Where is a hospital?

  • 英語を話せる人はいませんか?

    Is there anyone who can speak English?

Safety of the present location現在地の安全性
  • 避難所はどこですか?

    Where is the emergency shelter?

  • ここは安全ですか?

    Is it safe here?

  • 安全な場所はどこですか?

    Is there anywhere safe around here?

  • _への地図を書いてください。

    Please draw a map to _ for me.

  • 一緒に来てください。

    Could you come with me?

  • この紙に書いてください。

    Please write it on this paper.

  • _への行き方を教えてください。

    Please tell me the way to _ .

When the shaking stops災害が収まった際
  • トイレはどこですか?

    Where is the toilet?

  • (無料)電話はどこでかけられますか?

    Where can I make a (toll-free) call?

  • 国際電話はどこでかけられますか?

    Where can I make an international call?

  • 充電はどこでできますか?

    Is there anywhere I can charge my battery?

  • Wi-Fiが使える場所はありますか?

    Is there anywhere I can connect to a Wi-Fi network?

  • (食べ物・水)はどこで買えますか?

    Where can I buy (food/water)?

  • (食べ物・水・毛布)はどこで手に入りますか?

    Where can I find (food/water/a blanket)?

  • 今日、宿泊できる場所を探しています。

    I am looking for place to stay tonight.

  • (電車・バス・空港)はいつ復旧しますか。

    When will the (train/bus/airport) be back in service?

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You can use wifi at Iizakaonsen station.
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At the middle of May 2018..

2. Servicing Place

1F TiketGate ,Around the Waiting room
2F Around the Waiting room, Around the Square



4.The length of time

Continuation 12 hours

5.Guidance Word

Japanese,English,Chinese,Korean, Portuguese, Thai