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Picking Fruit

Going a little further afield by taxi or a rent-a-cycle will take you to Iizaka’s other attractions, such as fruit picking and nature spots, both of which are quite different from the attractions in central Iizaka.

Be Active on Excursions !

Taxi : Estimated time and price by taxi from Iizaka Onsen Station
Bicycle : Estimated time by bicycle from Iizaka Onsen Station

Fruit Line

A place where you can enjoy picking seasonal fruit from June to November is the Prefectural Road # 5, also called the “Fruit Line”, as numerous fruit farms can be found alongside the road.

Taxi : 10-15 min. (1,500 yen)
Bicycle : 20-30 min.

*Destination reference: To the halfway point along the Fruit Line,where many farms are concentrated.
  • Cherries
    June – Mid – July
  • Peaches
    June – Mid – July
  • Grapes
    Mid-July – Mid – September
  • Pears
    Late August – Mid – October
  • Apples
    Late August – Early December

*Please ask for details on fruit farms at the Iizaka Onsen Tourist Association located opposite Iizaka Onsen Station.

1. Marusei Fruit Farm
2. Kuruma Farm
3. Magariya Fruit Farm
4. Maruka Farm
5. Azuma Fruit Farm
024-542-1460(Sales Shop)
6. Marue Tourist Fruit Farm
7. Marugen Fruit Farm


You can also order fruit via the internet, at the farms below
Anzai Fruit Farm
Yoshiro Sato Fruit Farm
Daikokuya Fruit Farm
Fruit Shop Ito Farm


About 300 Hana peach (hanamomo) trees, collected from all over the world, are planted on the 8000 ㎡ site.
Trees will be in full bloom from early April to May.

Taxi : 15-20 min.(2,000 yen)
Bicycle : 30-40 min.

Akagawa Waterfall

Located in the valley below Akagawa Fudo, in the upper reaches of the Akagawa River. Cool in Summer with spray of river water, and with beautiful foliage in Autumn.

Taxi : 25 min. (4,000 yen)
Bicycle : 50 min.

Surikami Keikoku Valley

Surikamigawa River runs between sheer cliffs, forming beautiful natural shapes. Many enjoy camping here in Summer.

Taxi :15 min. (3,000 yen)
Bicycle : 30 min.

Nakano Fudoson

With a proud history of over 800 years, this is where Fudoson (a figure worshipped in Buddhism) is enshrined. In the spacious grounds, you can see the beautiful bright red Dainichi-do Hall, a waterfall and caves that can be walked through.

Taxi : 15 min. (3,000 yen)
Bicycle : 30 min.

Iohji TempleA-4

The temple is associated with Minamoto-no-Yoshitsune, a warlord from the 12th century. It is said that Yoshitsune visited this temple.

Taxi : 15 min. (2,000 yen)
Bicycle : 30 min.

User Guide


About 2 taxis are normally on stand-by in front of Iizaka Onsen station.


Please ask for bicycle information at Iizaka Onsen Station
You can’t use a bicycle on the day when it rains.

Momorin Rent-a-cycle

  • Hours : 9:00-19:00
  • Fee : Free
  • Number of Bicycles Available : 10 (including 1 with a rear seat for a child)

Fukushima Transport, Electric Rent-a-Cycle

  • Hours : 9:00-19:00 (open throughout the year)
  • Rental Time : 4 hours per rental
  • Fee : 300 yen
  • Number of Bicycles : Available 10 (including 1 with a rear seat for a child)